Getting started

All the important things you need to know if you're new to the Institute or to the University.


All students are provided with a free University email account. Please remember to set up your email account as important and sometimes urgent information will be emailed to you using this account. This is the only email address that University staff will use to contact you.

If you prefer to use a different email account, please ensure you redirect emails from your University account.

All of the Institute's graduate students are automatically subscribed to the Institute's graduate mailing list.

Facilities at the Asia Institute

Computing facilities

The Computer Lab at the Asia Institute has been established specifically for the use of graduate students of the Institute, and in particular for its research graduate students. It is located on level 2 of the Sidney Myer Asia Centre. 

Those who are not graduate students of the Institute are not permitted to use these facilities and will be asked to leave.

Students experiencing difficulties with the computers or printer should contact Information Technology Services for assistance online or call 8344 0888.

Graduate computer lab rules

Any student found to infringe the University's computing regulations (eg: logging on for someone else, giving out their password) will lose their privilege to use the graduate computer lab.

  • No food or drink is allowed in the graduate computer lab. Students should make use of the kitchen
  • No software is to be downloaded onto the computers
  • No files are to be stored on the computers, research students should make use of the server space provided. Coursework students should save their work onto a USB port or similar
  • Keep your valuables secure or with you at all times!
  • Please make sure that all doors to the graduate computer lab are locked if you are the last to leave, regardless of the time of day or night
  • In the interests of the environment, please re-use and recycle paper and shut down your computer at the end of the day
  • Only graduate students of the Institute are permitted to use these facilities
  • Security code for the room should not be shared
  • Student card for after hours access is strictly for students use only

You can report misuse of University computing and network (Please note that you may be requested to log in using your University credentials to view this page). University guidelines on the use of computers can be found on the IT use of computers at the University web page.

After hours access to the graduate computer lab

Full-time graduate research students may request after-hours swipe access to the graduate computer lab. Please contact the Academic and Research Programs Officer if you require after-hours access.

Security is contactable on 8344 6666 or ext. 46666 (internal dialling) if help is ever needed.

Graduate study space

In addition to the computer lab on the 2nd floor, there is a study area available to the Institute's research students. There are desks with computers available in this room.

As the number of spaces is limited, desks are allocated to research students in the last 6 months of their candidature. If available, spaces are provided on request for short periods (up to two months) during the year. Priority is given to students who:

  • have recently returned from fieldwork
  • are in the last year of candidature
  • do not currently occupy a Faculty graduate room or Graduate Centre carrel
  • are experiencing difficulty in accessing suitable alternative study space

For additional information about facilities and conditions of occupancy, please contact the Academic and Research Programs Officer.

Lockers and mail boxes

There are a number of lockers and mailboxes available for fulltime graduate and honours students in the graduate computer lab.

Students using the lockers can either provide their own padlock or use those lockers with an existing key lock. Keys to the lockers require a $10 deposit.

Due to the limited number of lockers and mailboxes available, please contact the Academic and Research Programs Officer if you wish to use these facilities.

Photocopying and printing

The Asia Institute provides the following photocopying and printing subsidies to graduate and honours students:

  • $50 photocopy credit ($25 for part-time students) per year
  • 1 ream of paper per semester

Photocopy credit is loaded onto your student card by Unicard, who maintain all printing and photocopying resources at the University. This credit can be used at most student photocopiers and printers on campus. Photocopying and printing facilities are available at the Eastern Resource Centre, Frank Tate Building, Baillieu library and the Student Union.

All photocopying at the University is subject to the Copyright Regulations 1968. Severe penalties apply if the regulations are contravened.

Please see the Academic and Research Programs Officer regarding photocopying credit and paper.

Facilities at the Faculty of Arts

Graduate study spaces

The Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences provides a number of study and social spaces for students, including IT facilities, study and meeting rooms and a student lounge.

The Faculty also has a limited number of graduate study spaces (dual-occupancy rooms) in the Old Quad building that are available for use by Masters by research and PhD candidates.

Laptop loans

The Faculty has Apple iBooks and Toshiba IBM compatible laptops for loan to postgraduate research students.

Details about the available facilities at the Faculty can be found on the student community pages on the LMS. New Research students requiring access to the LMS Arts Research Community should contact

Facilities at the Graduate Centre

There are a number of facilities available at the Graduate Centre for graduate students, including study carrels, computer labs and social spaces. These are managed jointly by Graduate Student Association (GSA) and the Melbourne School of Graduate Research (MSGR). More details about the available facility are available at the Melbourne School of Graduate Research Graduate Centre facilities and IT web page.

Facilities at the University


There are a large number of libraries and collections across the University campus at Parkville, including the East Asian Collection. The University libraries provide a number of services including borrowing services, computing facilities, inter-library loans and research consultations with specialist librarians. For a list of branches, opening hours and more information about the services offered, please visit the University Library website.

Computing and study spaces

There are a number of computing and study spaces available for students outside of those offered by the libraries, including those at the Graduate CentreUnion House and the Frank Tate Learning Centre (Frank Tate Building 189). A list of general access computing facilities is also available on the Student IT and eLearning support Find computers web page.

Chaplaincy and religion on campus

Chaplains are on campus to assist in the personal and spiritual growth of the University community. The Chaplains at the University of Melbourne come from a variety of faith backgrounds, and are available to talk with students and staff about religious and spiritual matters, individually or in groups. They are interested in supporting community, providing opportunities for issues of faith and meaning to be discussed, as well as to support groups where these issues are important.

Information about the Chaplaincy, current events on campus and other faith traditions, please visit the Chaplaincy website.

Prayer facilities

There is a large prayer space on the corner of Pelham and Leicester Streets at the University of Melbourne, which can be accessed from Little Pelham Street.

More information can be obtained from the Chaplaincy website.